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A pediatric dentist is an oral healthcare professional who specializes in treating children under the age of 18. Although some individuals in this profession will continue to treat adults who have been lifelong patients, their specialization remains in the unique problems and incidents that occur with the teeth of growing boys and girls. Most dental workers in this field will not only have a command Laser Teeth Whitening Fairdale KY 40118 of dentistry, but will also have some knowledge of orthodontics and may also have some specific training when it comes to kids with special needs. As far as specialists go, they are the dental equivalent of a pediatrician and have a broad range of knowledge they bring to bear on their practice.


Any pediatric dentist has undergone all of the same training and educational courses as Fairdale KY 40118 any other doctor of dentistry. Once they have graduated with their D.D.S. (or equivalent), they must then embark on a two year residency where they learn the basics of their specialty. This is an added requirement for anyone going into a specialized area of practice in medicine, and the requirements hold as true in dentistry as in other areas of healthcare. The purpose is to Laser Teeth Whitening Fairdale KY 40118 ensure that anyone who puts out a shingle for that type of care is fully prepared with hands on experience.


There’s nothing inherently taking your child to a family practitioner, but there are several benefits to seeing a pediatric dentist. Generally speaking, they will be more ready and willing to deal with behavioral issues common to children. Kids often have trepidation and fear when going to Fairdale KY 40118 their appointments. While it is up to you as the parent to do what you can in calming those fears, having a professional who knows some tricks doesn’t hurt. Some practitioners will also use conscious sedation when dealing with problem children, which may be needed in order to make maintaining order possible.

Choosing a Pediatric Dentist

When you’re ready to select a professional for your child’s oral Fairdale KY 40118 healthcare, you should take two primary factors into consideration. First, reputation is paramount. Before you schedule an appointment, you should make sure the office and the dentist themselves gets plenty of praise and recommendation from the community. Second, evaluate your child’s comfort level. If they don’t like going, figure out whether it’s because they simply wouldn’t like any appointments of this type, or if making Fairdale KY 40118 a change could make a difference in their attitude. There’s nothing wrong with making this switch, even if you feel “disloyal” in doing so. The most important thing is your child’s comfort.

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